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Thermoplastic manufactured by D.I.J. consist of binder, pigment, glass beads, and filler materials which create a very durable product. It is the primary material used by TxDOT to stripe highways throughout Texas.  It is carefully formulated to take rugged abuse under all weather and traffic conditions and will significantly outlast water based paint.



Heated to temperatures exceeding 375 degrees, thermoplastic can be applied by either extrusion or spray method to concrete or asphalt surfaces. Glass beads are added to create nighttime visibility.  After the application, it sets quickly and bonds firmly to road or pavement surfaces. Thermoplastic is a proven and tested process for providing long lasting striping on roadways or parking lots and its reflectivity adds safety.



Safety & Experience

The crews at D.I.J. Construction, Inc. are extremely conscientious about traffic control and safe flagging procedures in order to protect the traveling public as well as those in the work zones.  Weekly safety meetings and continuing education in first aid and CPR is a mainstay within our organization.